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International Symposium on Materials Issues in Hydrogen Production and Storage

DATES: August 20-25, 2006
LOCATION: University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106 USA

The International Center for Materials Research at the University of California Santa Barbara will host an International Symposium to address materials problems in two major areas of basic research aimed at utilization of hydrogen as a fuel, namely in the production and storage of hydrogen. The program will consist of invited talks presenting overviews and covering the current status of selected areas from forefront research in hydrogen production and storage. All participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for contributed papers. Some of the contributions will be upgraded to oral presentations. Instructions for abstract submission are posted below. Attendance will be limited in order to maximize interaction among participants.

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Click here to download a PDF version of the symposium schedule. You may also download the schedule overview.

The following is a list of invited speakers and pdf versions of their lectures:

Tom Autrey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Chemical Hydrides: Amino Boranes - click to download PDF

Ping Chen, National University, Singapore
Development of Metal-N-H Systems for Hydrogen Storage - click to download PDF

Marcetta Darensbourg, Texas A&M University
Biomimetic Hydrogen Production - click to download PDF

Mildred Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Basic Research Needs for the Hydrogen Economy - click to download PDF

Michael Graetzel, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Photoelectrochemical Generation of Hydrogen by Solar Photolysis of Water using Low Cost Tandem Cells - click to download PDF

Mike Heinekey, University of Washington
Amineboranes for Hydrogen Storage - click to download PDF

Michael Henderson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Photocatalysis on TiO2 - click to download PDF

Puru Jena, Virginia Commonwealth University
Materials for Hydrogen Storage: From Nanostructures to Complex Hydrides
- click to download PDF

Craig Jensen, University of Hawaii
Catalytically Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Systems - click to download PDF

Karl Johnson, University of Pittsburgh
Atomistic Simulation of Hydrogen Storage in Metal Hydrides and Nanoporous Sorbents
- click to download PDF

Walter Kohn, University of California, Santa Barbara
Remarks on Immediate Energy Challenges

Greg Kubas, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Synthesis, Structure, and Bonding Aspects of the Reversible Binding of Dihydrogen to Materials for Hydrogen Storage and Production - click to download PDF

Akihiko Kudo, Science University of Tokyo, Japan
Visible-light-driven Photocatalyst Materials for Water Splitting - click to download PDF

Ole Martin Lovvik, University of Oslo, Norway
Density-functional Calculations of New Alanates - click to download PDF

Eric McFarland, University of California, Santa Barbara
Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production using Combinatorial Chemistry Derived Materials - click to download PDF

Tasios Melis, University of California, Berkeley
Hydrogen Production in Microalgal Cultures - click to download PDF

Jens Norskov, Technical University of Denmark
Hydrogen Production and Storage by Catalysis - click to download PDF

Guido Pez, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Hydrogen Storage and Delivery Using Reversible Liquid Carriers - click to download PDF

Frederick Pinkerton, General Motors R&D Center
New Li-B-N-H Quaternary Hydride - click to download PDF

Carole Read, US Department of Energy
Overview of Hydrogen Production and Storage Programs at the US Department of Energy - click to download PDF

Louis Schlapbach , EMPA, ETH, Switzerland
Hydrogen Storage, a Challenge for Materials Science - click to download PDF

John Turner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Photoelectrochemical Water Systems for H2 Production - click to download PDF

John Vohs, University of Pennsylvania
Novel Approaches for the Electrolysis of Water in Solid Oxide Electrolyzers
- click to download PDF

Eric D. Wachsman, University of Florida
Hydrogen Production with Mixed Protonic-Electronic Conducting Perovskite Membranes
- click to download PDF

Omar Yaghi, UCLA
Hydrogen Storage in Metalorganic Frameworks - click to download PDF

Shengbai Zhang (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Hydrogen Storage in Novel Organometallic Buckyballs - click to download PDF

In addition to invited lectures, opportunities will also exist for participants to discuss their current research in poster sessions.


Chris Van de Walle UCSB vandewalle@mrl.ucsb.edu web
Juergen Eckert UCSB and LANL juergen@mrl.ucsb.edu  
Wayne Goodman Texas A&M University goodman@mail.chem.tamu.edu web


For further details, please contact the ICMR Program Coordinator, Jennifer Ybarra, at ybarra@icmr.ucsb.edu


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