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ICMR Partner Institutions

The ICMR is one of 5 International Materials Institute funded by the NSF. Links to the IMI Partner Institutions can be found below:

  • University of California System / Daniel Cox: "International Institute on Complex Adaptive Matter" (I2CAM); http://www.i2cam.org

  • Lehigh University / Himanshu Jain: "New Functionality in Glasses"; http://www.lehigh.edu/imi/

  • Northwestern  University / Robert Chang: “International Materials Institute for Solar Energy and Environment” (IMI-SEE);  http://www.imisee.net

  • Texas Engineering Experiment Station / Dimitris C. Lagoudas: "International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion" (IIMEC) ; http://iimec.tamu.edu

In addition to the IMI partner institutions, the ICMR has partners throughout the world. Use the zoom controls and click-and-drag or use arrow controls on the map below to navigate. Clicking on a place marker will open a bubble with details about the partner institution.

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For further information, please contact the ICMR Program Coordinator, at marisol@icmr.ucsb.edu

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