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Apprentice Science Reporter Program

The Apprentice Science Reporter Program is a joint program between the Materials Research Society (MRS) and the ICMR. This program funds graduate students/post-docs in materials-related areas at US universities to accompany MRS staff to conferences outside the US and compile daily technical reports for inclusion in the MRS Meeting Scene e-newsletters.

For more information please visit the MRS web site or contact Tim Palucka, Science News Editor (Palucka@mrs.org)

The Apprentice Science Reporters for 2012:

Piper Klemm, University of Berkeley

Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquera em Materials
SBPMat - MRS Meeting in Brazil

Meeting Day 1 & 2: September 23-24
Meeting Day 3: September 25
Meeting Day 4 & 5: September 26-27

Alexandra Duncan, University of Vermont

International Materials Research Congress Meeting in Cancun, Mexico

Meeting Day 1 & 2: August 12-13
Meeting Day 3: August 14
Meeting Day 4 & 5: August 15-16

The Apprentice Science Reporters for 2011:

Charles Brooks, Penn State

Jean Njoroge, Texas A&M University

European-MRS Spring Meeting in Nice, France

Meeting Day 1: May 9
Meeting Day 2: May 10
Meeting Day 3 & 4: May 11-12

Alison Hatt, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Matthew Martin, NIST

ICMAT Conference in Singapore

Meeting Day 1: June 27
Meeting Day 2: June 28
Meeting Day 3: June 29
Meeting Day 4: June 30

Andrea Salguero, Cornell University

International Materials Research Congress in Cancun, Mexico

Meeting Day 1 & 2: Aug 14-15
Meeting Day 3: Aug 16
Meeting Day 4 and 5: Aug 17-18

The Apprentice Science Reporters for 2010:

Samesha R. Barnes, University of Florida

Tara Washington, University of Florida

Alia Schoen, Stanford University

International Materials Research Conference in Cancun, Mexico

Meeting Day 1 & 2: Aug 15-16
Meeting Day 3: Aug 17
Meeting Day 4 & 5: Aug 18-19

Eugenia Kharlampieva, Georgia Institute of Technology

American Conference on Neutron Scattering (ACNS) in Ottawa, Canada

Meeting Day 1: June 27
Meeting Day 2 & 3: June 28-29
Meeting Day 3 & 4: June 29-30

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