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ICMR Summer School 2013 Presentations

Sam Daly : Full-Field, Quantitative Deformation Tracking from the Macro to Micro Length Scale

Daniel S. Gianola : Micro- and Nanomechanical Characterization of Material

M.P. Echlin : TriBeam System for Multimodal Data

Richard LeSar : Simulating Plasticity at the Mesoscale

Richard LeSar : Dislocation Dynamics examples

BlueQuartz Software : DREAM3D

Stuart I. Wright : Considerations for 3D EBSD

Patrick Phillips : STEM Diffraction Contrast of Crystalline Defects

Yunzhi Wang : Modeling Complex Transformation and Deformation Behavior of Multi-Phase Alloys at Mesoscale

Dave Rowenhorst: Serial Sectioning, Image Segmentation, and Analysis

Euan Wielewski : Building a Virtual Diffractometer

Marc De Graef : A Brief Overview of Modern Materials Characterization Techniques

Marc De Graef : Forward Modeling of Electron Signals for Microscopy of Materials

Satoshi Hata : Electron tomography observation of microstructure in crystalline materials

J. Fife : From Serial Sectioning to X-ray Tomography

Frederic G. Gibou : Sharp Interface Capturing Methods

Matthew Begley : Particle-base Simulations

B. Peters : The Peters Lab

James M. Rondinelli : Designing Atomic-Scale Function

Richard LeSar : Dislocation Dynamics examples








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