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Summer School on Nanoscale Science of Biological Interfaces

DATES: June 19 - July 1, 2010
LOCATION: University of California, Santa Barbara

The International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) at UC Santa Barbara will hold a Summer School on the Intersection of Surface Science with Biomolecular Structure and Function from June 19th – July 1, 2010 at UCSB. The School is aimed at graduate students and junior researchers working in the field of surface science that have interest in simulation, characterization, experimental approaches of biomolecule-surface interactions.

The goals of the summer schools are to enable students to:

  • learn about the types of physical and chemical interactions that arise between biomolecules and natural and synthetic surfaces
  • develop a basic knowledge of how theoretical and experimental tools are used to understand biomolecule- surface interactions
  • learn how nature evolves solutions to optimize surface interactions in biological systems
  • develop a basic knowledge of what is known about the correlations of biomolecule surface interactions and biological function
  • learn design rules for biomaterials that have been developed based on inspiration from natural systems

Areas covered in the school:

  1. Theoretical approaches to biomolecule-surface interactions
  2. Characterization tools: from ensemble to single molecule levels
  3. Experimental design: model systems, biomimetics, bio-assembly, MEMS/NEMS systems
  4. Structural and functional principles of biomaterials designed for biomolecular interactions
  5. New directions in surface science


  • Robert Latour, Clemson University (Topic-1)
  • Igal Szleifer, Northwestern University (Topic-1)
  • Bo Liedberg,Linköping University, Sweden (Topic-2)
  • Robert Lamb, University of Melbourne (Topic-2)
  • Omar Saleh, University of California, Santa Barbara (Topic-2)
  • David Allara, Pennsylvania State University (Topic-2)
  • Deborah Fygenson, University of California, Santa Barbara (Topic-3)
  • Melik Demirel, Pennsylvania State University (Topic-3)
  • Atul Parikh, University of California-Davis (Topic-3)
  • Hans Griesser, University of South Australia, (Topic-4)
  • Michael Grunze, University of Heidelberg (Topic-4)
  • Buddy Ratner, U. Washington, Biomaterials (Topic-4)
  • Joachim P. Spatz, Universität Heidelberg (Topic-4)
  • Deborah Leckband, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, (Topic-4)


Melik Demirel Penn State University MDemirel@engr.psu.edu
David Allara Penn State University dla3@psu.edu
Omar Saleh UCSB saleh@engineering.ucsb.edu
Michael Grunze University of Heidelberg Michael.Grunze@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

How to apply:


We welcome applications for the Summer School from graduate (PhD) students, post doctoral fellows and junior researchers. Lodging and meals will be provided and there is no registration fee. Travel support is available.

1. You can apply by visiting the following link<"> apply here.

2. Graduate students and post doctoral fellows should, in addition to the above application, have their research supervisor email a letter of recommendation to Jennifer Ybarra at ybarra@icmr.ucsb.edu.

Application Deadline:

The deadline to submit an application is March 20, 2010. All applications will be acknowledged by email.

For further details, please contact the ICMR Program Coordinator, Jennifer Ybarra, at ybarra@icmr.ucsb.edu

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