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Summer School on Inorganic Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

DATES: August 19 - September 1 2012, two weeks
LOCATION: University of California, Santa Barbara
ORGANIZERS: Matthew J. Rosseinsky FRS (Liverpool) and Ram Seshadri

The participants in these summer schools are senior graduate students who work in the relevant areas, and are drawn from the US and internationally. The school is largely supported and run by the UCSB-based and NSF-supported International Center for Materials Research (www.icmr.ucsb.edu)

Partial support for the school comes from the UCSB-based and NSF-supported CovEne IGERT Program (www.convene.ucsb.edu) and the Liverpool-based EPSRC Programme Grant. 

Energy Conversion and Storage Summer School agenda [PDF]

Topics covered include: Photovoltaics, photocatalysts, thermoelectrics, transparent conductors, hard magnets, batteries and fuel cells, nuclear materials.

There will be poster sessions to allow attendees to present their research. The poster is required for all participants.

2012 Summer School Talks - Click here.

List of accepted lecturers include (please monitor for updates):

Professor Scott Barnett (Northwestern) Fuel cells
Professor Kazunari Domen (Tokyo) Photocatalysis
Professor Sossina Haile (Caltech, tentative) Solar thermal
Dr. Sylvie Hébert (Caen) Thermoelectrics (oxides)
Professor Bill Lee (Imperial) Nuclear materials
Professor Thomas O. Mason (Northwestern) Transparent conductors
Dr. David Mitzi (IBM, Yorktown) Photovoltaics
Professor Dane Morgan (Wisconsin) Computational techniques
Professor Eric Toberer (Colorado School of Mines)    Thermoelectrics (non-oxides)
Truls Norby
Peter Bruce

Congratulations to the following accepted applicants:

Robert Harrison (Imperial College)
Stuart Cook (Imperial College)
Matthew Howard (Birmingham)
Christopher Kerr (Cambridge)
Laurie King (Imperial College)
Liza Mirelman (Cambridge)
Savio Moniz (UCL)
Mariana Whitaker(Birmingham)
Maria Diaz-Lopez (The University of Liverpool)
Darren Hodgeman (The University of Liverpool)
Daniel Shissler (Colorado State)
Naveed Zafar Ali (Germany)
Murat Guersoy (Germany)
Aoife Kehoe (Ireland)
Andrea Koeller (Germany)
Maren Lepple (Germany)
Claudia Lermer (Germany)
Jessica Maria Nava (Spain)
Caterina Prastani (Netherlands)
Amelie Revauz (France)
Klemen Pirnat (Slovenia)
Hussaya Maneesuwan (Thailand)
Shufen Fan (Singapore)
Mariana Berruet (Argentina)
Neha Arora (India)
Sylwia Walus (France)
Stephen Boona (Michigan State University)
Megan Holtz (Cornell University)
Panitat Hasin (Ohio State)
Seyedeh Mahboobeh Hosseini (UC Davis)
Aaron Lichtner (University of Washington)
Linda Lim (Stanford University)
Matt Lucas (Berkeley)
Elayaraja Muthuswamy (UC Davis)
Hannah Ray (Berkeley)
Luis Reyes (Louisiana State University)
Lena Trotochaud (University of Oregon)
Ruihong Zhang (Purdue)
Julia Zaikina (UC Davis)
Yingchao Yu (Cornell University)
Xiaohao Yang (Columbia University)
Zuoqian (Joe) Wang (Berkeley)
Raffaella Buonsanti (Lawrence Berkely National Lab)
Christopher Beier (USC)
Nima Alidoust (Princeton University)
Aleksandr Chernatynskiy (University of Florida)
Ding-Wen Chung (Purdue University)
Natacha Krins (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Xin Liang (Harvard University)
Andre Schleife (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Yezhou Shi (Stanford University)
Luthfia Syarbaini (Purdue University)
Hidefumi Takahashi
Jessica Krogstad (UCSB)
Phillip Barton (UCSB)
Alexander Birkel (UCSB)
Christina Birkel (UCSB)
Jason Douglas (UCSB)
Moureen Kemei (UCSB)
Rachel Koltun (UCSB)
Lauren Misch (UCSB)
Yichi Zhang (UCSB)
Rajlakshmi Purkayastha (UCSB)
Jakoah Brgoch (UCSB)
Kristin Denault (UCSB)
Leah Kuritzky (UCSB)

Accepted Applicants. We will cover up to $500 for domestic participants and up to $700 GBP for UK students by the University of Liverpool and up to $1000 for the rest of the international participants. Below are some details if you would like to book your airfare in advance (which we highly recommend since airfare prices are increasing quickly) More details will follow.

Administrative Information:

Suggested Itinerary: Arrive - Santa Barbara, CA: Sunday, August 19, 2012, Registration will begin at 6pm. Departure - Santa Barbara, CA: Saturday, September 1, 2012 by 12pm.

Transportation: It is recommended that you fly into the Los Angeles (LAX) or Santa Barbara (SBA) airports. If you fly into Los Angeles and are unable to get a convenient flight from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, it is recommended that you secure transportation on the Santa Barbara Airbus, www.sbairbus.com. Be sure to get off the bus at the Goleta stop which is located at 5755 Thornwood Dr (this is the last stop). Manzanita Village has a shuttle that will provide transportation from either the Goleta Airbus stop or the Santa Barbara Airport. Once you arrive at the Goleta Airbus stop or at the Santa Barbara Aiport, please use the courtesy phone to contact Manzanita Village to arrange for your pick up (805-893-6161).

Accommodations: Lodging has been reserved for participants at Manzanita Village which is located on the UCSB campus. These will be shared accommodations with two people per room. Rooms will be single sex.

Meals: Meals will be provided for the duration of the program, beginning with a dinner on Sunday, August 19 and ending with breakfast on Saturday, September 1.

Poster Sessions: Posterboards will be 36 inches x 48 inches (91 cm by 122 cm; portrait style)

Schedule: TBA

We had over 160 applications. If you cannot attend the summer school please let us know ASAP so we can accommodate other applicants. Thank you.

For further details, please email the ICMR Program Coordinator at coordinator@icmr.ucsb.edu

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