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US-Argentina Workshop on Nanomaterials

The International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) at UC Santa Barbara and the California Nanosystems Institute at UC Los Angeles announce a two day US-Argentina Workshop on Nanomaterials, which will take place at the Hotel Amancay in Bariloche, Argentina from March 15-17, 2009. Following the workshop, a one day school on the topic of nanobiotechnology will be held from March 17-18.

The scope of the workshop is to provide an exciting forum for US and Argentina faculty, and indsutrial and student researchers to come together to hear about and discuss cutting edge research in the general area of Nanomaterials. We hope that this workshop will lead to a proliferation of tangible goals for joint research at the frontier of materials science and condensed phase dynamics.

Topics for the workshop will include:
Inorganic Materials
Surfaces and Channels
Dynamics of Materials

Confirmed Speakers:
Pedro Aramendia, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Cesar Barbero, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto
Annelise Barron, Stanford
Ernesto Calvo, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Jose Maria Delfino, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Claudio O. Fernandez, Universidad de Nacional de Rosario
Miguel Garcia-Garibay, UC Los Angeles
Zev Gartner, UC san Francisco
Cristina E. Hoppe, INTEMA
Galo Soler Iilia, CNEA
Elizabeth Jares-Erijman, Ciudad Universitaria
Ric Kaner, UC Los Angeles
Xiuling Li, University of Illinois
Yi Lu, University of Illinois
Heather D. Maynard, UC Los Angeles
Thomas Moore, Arizona State University
Lia Pietrasanta, Ciudad
Felix G. Requejo, INIFTA
Michael J. Sailor, UC San Diego
Roberto Salvarezza, Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas Teóricas y Aplicadas
Galen Stucky, UC Santa Barbara
Jeff Zink, UC Los Angeles

Organizers of the Workshop:
Heather D. Maynard, UCLA
Lia Pietrasanta, University of Buenos Aires

For further details, please contact the ICMR Program Coordinator, Jennifer Ybarra, at ybarra@icmr.ucsb.edu


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