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ICMR Summer School on Advanced Thermostructural Materials

DATES: August 6 to August 19, 2006
LOCATION: University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106 USA

The NSF-sponsored International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) is pleased to announce a residential fortnight-long summer school on Advanced Thermostructural Materials, focused on materials needs in selected energy conversion technologies. The school will be held August 6-19, 2006, at the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara. The format will be tutorial, with emphasis on fundamentals and examples from current research by the speakers. The tentative plan is to dedicate the mornings to lectures and the rest of the day to discussion groups, software and experimental demonstrations, and student posters.

The technologies of primary interest are gas turbine engines, solid oxide fuel cells and nuclear reactors. The program will include (i) overview lectures to highlight the role of materials in these technologies and the critical issues, (ii) tutorials on modeling tools and applications to high temperature problems, including thermodynamic modeling, phase equilibria, diffusion, microstructure evolution, thermal properties and mechanics of deformation and failure; and (iii) special materials topics such as advanced alloys, thermal and environmental barrier coatings, high temperature composites, interconnects, and other multi-material systems and interfaces. The organizing committee comprises A.G. Evans, T.D. Bennett and C.G. Levi. The ICMR summer schools are coordinated by A.K. Cheetham (ICMR Director) and J. Ybarra (Program Coordinator).

Tentative Lecturers

  • J. Ågren,KTH-Stockholm
  • T.D. Bennett, UCSB
  • D.R. Clarke, UCSB
  • A.C.F. Cocks, Oxford Univ.
  • A.G. Evans, UCSB
  • K.J. Hemker, Johns Hopkins
  • C.G. Levi, UCSB
  • D. Marshall, Rockwell Scientific
  • P. Mason, ThermoCalc
  • R.M. McMeeking, UCSB
  • G.H. Meier, Univ. Pittsburgh
  • D.R. Mumm, UC Irvine
  • G.R. Odette, UCSB
  • S.R. Phillpot, Univ. Florida
  • T.M. Pollock, Univ. Michigan
  • H.J. Seifert, Univ. Florida
  • T. Shugar, UCSB
  • A. Van der Ven, Univ. Michigan
  • A.V. Virkar, Univ. Utah
  • B. Wirth, UC Berkeley
  • F.W. Zok, UCSB
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The summer school on Advanced Thermostructural Materials is partially supported by Thermo-Calc Software AB.

For further details, please contact the ICMR Program Coordinator, Jennifer Ybarra, at ybarra@icmr.ucsb.edu


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